There are lots of supplements available to help improve digestion and reduce heartburn, gas and bloating: HCL, plant enzymes, DGL, bitters, peppermint capsules, ginger capsules- each can play an important role in helping someone with digestive issues feel better when used appropriately. There is, however, one VERY important thing you need to know before spending the money on any digestive supplement.

None of these will work if you aren’t chewing properly.

I tell you this with full confidence from my own experience. I used to buy EVERY one of these digestive supplements, spending around $200 each month, and I still had major gas, bloating and indigestion after eating. And it was all due to how I was eating.

If you want to beat your digestive issues, create proper chewing habits:

  1. Before eating, get yourself in a totally relaxed state. Take a few deep breaths to engage the parasympathetic nervous system (the “rest and digest” system).
  2. Take in the sight and smell of your food. Nothings says “GET READY TO EAT, BODY!” more than salivating over the smell of delicious food.
  3. While you are eating, only eat. Don’t watch t.v., don’t browse social media and definitely do not work while you eat.  Always sit down to eat.
  4. CHEW, CHEW, CHEW each bite to a paste.  Don’t take another bite until you have swallowed the first.
  5. Rest to digest. Don’t rush off as soon as you’re done eating. Take 15 minutes to allow digestion to do it’s thing.

Perfect your chewing habits before you spend money on supplements. Sometimes it’s enough!

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