Eating with IBS can be effortless & easy.

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My 1:1 coaching program will help you break free from the pain & discomfort of IBS without following an overly restrictive diet or gimmicky detox.

If you've been struggling with gas, bloating and irregularity for several years...

You already know that food can be a culprit of your symptoms. You've cut out gluten, dairy and even dabbled with the low FODMAP diet.


But you still have more bad days than good.

You're frustrated because you've been living with food restrictions for so long and you just wish that you could be normal.

I will help you:

address your root causes

So that you can stop slapping band-aids on your IBS (attention lifelong low FODMAPers and supplement junkies!) 


So that you aren't staring blankly in the fridge, relying on Uber Eats or skipping meals (only to eat the entire contents of your pantry later)

CURATE A toolbox of flare management strategies

So that you can stop planning your whole life around your bowels! 


So that you can have a healthy & robust gut long term and overcome food intolerances.

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Most people get stuck on an elimination diet

Figured out a few of your food intolerances? Awesome.

But what the heck do you do next?

The fact is most IBS sufferers don’t make it past the elimination diet phase because you weren't told how to expand your diet or get your gut to a place where it can tolerate wheat, dairy or FODMAPs again.

So you continue to avoid a long list of foods (except those weekends or trips when you give in and eat pizza, french fries and drink like everyone else).

Here’s why avoiding foods like wheat, dairy or FODMAPs can be problematic over the long term: 

These are foods that nourish the good gut bacteria in our gut. 

Avoiding them might make your gut feel better now but over the long term, a restrictive diet can worsen the state of your gut. 

The good news is that the gut can heal from food intolerances.

All we've got to do is get started.

Is This Right For You?

You need to finally learn how to better manage your IBS.

You're overwhelmed by where to start and what to focus on.

You want to be more organized with your meal planning, prep or grocery shopping.

You're so tired of your bowels ruling your life.

You're ready to take control over your gut health but need a little hand-holding to get there.

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Ocean got her whole life back

“Jessica has helped me completely change
my life. I haven't felt this relief for years."

"I am so, so grateful to have found Jessica and to have had the pleasure of working with her. She is excellent at what she does."

Client Success Stories

nicole finally got answers for her gut issues

“For 3 years no one could tell me what was wrong and [Jessica] did in five minutes of chatting.”

"I'm beyond grateful for the help and mindset shift [Jessica] helped implicate in regards to food."

Client Success Stories

caro feels in control for the first time

"My IBS symptoms are much more manageable now."

"Working with Jessica was a joy. She is incredibly kind, knowledgeable, non-judgemental and empathetic."

Client Success Stories


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