transform your gut health

One bite at a time

Say goodbye to the frustration of trial-and-error diets and hello to a personalized, evidence-based approach that addresses the root causes of your IBS.


If you're tired of dealing with constant gas, bloating, and irregularity, it's time to break free from generic nutrition advice that so far, has only made you feel worse.

Generic nutrition advice doesn't work when you have IBS because it fails to address the unique and intricate needs of your digestive system. Like a fingerprint, your digestive system is unique to YOU and it's influenced by a myriad of factors such as genetics, dietary preferences, and daily routines.

A one-size-fits-all approach like the advice you find on the internet ignores this which is why you are feeling so frustrated and unable to make any real change in your digestive symptoms.

To truly transform your digestive health and overall wellness, you deserve a tailored and evidence-based approach that takes your individual needs and circumstances into account.


If you are feeling:

confused at which foods you should be eating

thrown off by the health trends you read online

Just as you wrap your head around one idea, suddenly a new trend is out and everything you thought was right is now wrong. *face palm*

lost as to where to start

Probiotics? Fermented foods? Digestive enzymes? Your head is bursting with information and you need a real plan.

Eat more whole grains. No, don't eat whole grains. Eat more fruit. No, the sugar in fruit is bad. Why is it all so contradictory?!

Great News.
I can help with that.

Like you, I suffered for years before I got to the root causes of my digestive distress. My journey was a challenging one, filled with trial and error, but it gave me a deep understanding of the frustration that comes with digestive issues.

 Through extensive research, education, and practical experience, I've developed a holistic approach to gut health that's transformed not only my life but also the lives of countless others.

I'm here to share my knowledge, guide you towards a healthier gut, and empower you to live your best life, free from the limitations of digestive discomfort. Together, we'll embark on a journey toward lasting well-being and vitality.

working with me is more than just a meal plan. i will guide you back to optimal health with kindness and compassion.

ocean got her whole life back again

“Jessica has helped me completely change
my life. I haven't felt this relief for years.

I am so, so grateful to have found Jessica and to have had the pleasure of working with her. She is excellent at what she does."

nicole finally got answers

“For 3 years no one could tell me what was wrong and [Jessica] did in five minutes of chatting.”

caro felt the most supported she ever felt

"Working with Jessica was a joy. She is incredibly kind, knowledgeable and empathetic."

tamara feels in control again

"I've lost around 15 lbs. and am feeling really healthy, energetic, and strong. I am much less bloated, too."

Is This Right For You?

You are tired of trying to get better on your own

You don't want just another handout from the internet

You want to feel in control of your diet

You're so tired of your digestive symptoms controlling your life

You're ready for real, lasting change

sound good?

Then Let's Do This.

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