Controlling IBS When You’re Just Not Motivated

February 5, 2019

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Controlling IBS means a change in our diet and lifestyle. For some, motivation is high at the beginning to start a nutrition plan, make lifestyle changes and get symptoms under control but this motivation may fizzle out after a few weeks. Some people may feel they lack motivation to even start.

This is completely normal.

Motivation is an emotion that ebbs and flows. We don’t always have endless amounts of it.

During periods of low motivation, allow yourself to do the bare minimum. This is going to look different for everyone but pick at least one bare minimum activity with both diet and lifestyle that you know makes you feel good.

For example, my ‘bare minimums’ to feel good are:

  1. Protein + one vegetable at each meal, even if it means deli meat and pre-washed spinach thrown into a sandwich.
  2. 8 hours of sleep each night, even if I have to rearrange my schedule.
  3. Move my body for 30 minutes daily, even if it’s just stretching or walking.

For me, these things are achievable even though they may not mean I’m doing everything “perfectly”.

My Bare Minimum Requirement for Every Meal: Protein & Veg

Don’t beat yourself up if you’ve been unmotivated to take care of yourself. It happens to everyone at some point. It’s happened to myself recently. Setting your own bare minimum rules creates habits and habits are far more likely to help us reach our health goals than relying solely on motivation.

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